Wow, Lady Edith is killing it in the flapper style on the ‘Downton Abbey’ posters

When the full-length trailer for the Downton Abbey movie came out a month ago, I found myself getting into it yet again. I watched all of the original DA television show, and while I maintain that it was mostly a bitchy, overwrought soap opera with costume p0rn and English estate p0rn, I find that I still have so much affection for many of these characters. Edith was such a lost soul, always the “ugly sister,” and then she found a nice guy and it turned out that he inherited some fancy-pants Scottish title and now she lives in a castle bigger than Downton. Lady Mary was such a mega-bitch throughout the series but after Cousin Matthew’s death, I softened on her a tad (she was still a mega bish though). And now she’s married to… the owner of a garage. Seriously.

Anyway, the point is that I find myself truly looking forward to the movie and I am here for any hype about it. The new character posters were just released this week and I LOVE THEM. I find the pairings very interesting…why not Matthew Goode with Lady Mary, why is Mary paired with the Dowager Countess? And my lord, EDITH LOOKS AMAZING. The film is set 1927, the height of the Roaring Twenties, when that flapper style was simply everywhere. It’s some kind of petty justice that Mary looks like ten kinds of hell with her trendy ‘20s hairstyle and Edith looks like the chicest flapper ever.

Do you want to watch another trailer? I haven’t seen this one before, this must be the UK trailer edit. It explains more about the flurry of activity around the king and queen’s visit to Downton. Who’s playing King George V?

Posters courtesy of Universal.

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