YouTuber Teen Disowns Her Dad After Photo Of Him Kissing His Wife Next To Lion They Killed Goes Viral

A teenage YouTuber responded to her dad’s viral photo of him kissing his wife next to their lion kills in South Africa. The teen has since disowned her dad, who she claims abandoned their family. She admits she’s ‘disgusted’ by his recent trophy hunting trip.

A Canadian couple, Darren and Carolyn Carter are at the center of controversy after they shared and then removed photos of them kissing next to a dead lion they shot and killed in South Africa, People reports, citing numerous outlets on July 18. The couple, who owns a taxidermy business in the Alberta, went on a recent hunting trip when they reportedly shot and killed at least two lions. Now, Darren’s alleged daughter, Sydney Carter, 19, has disowned him in a video she shared Tuesday on YouTube, under the username “Shessosyd !”.

“I will never understand people like that – who take pride in shooting a beautiful animal like a lion. I’ll never understand it,” Shessosyd !, tearfully says in the video, adding that she vows to never call Darren her dad again because of his actions. In the video, Shessosyd ! explains how Darren allegedly abandoned their family, which includes her, her mother and brother, and failed to support them in previous years.

Shessosyd ! also adds that the family has not seen him in 10 years. “Honestly dad, f–k you. I hope you never contact us again… I’ll never forgive you. So, if you’re watching this, we’re so much better without you,” she says at the end of the video. The video’s caption reads: “Imagine having $50,000 and spending it to trophy hunt a beautiful animal in Africa rather then give some of it to your kids for Post Secondary school…. that’s the guy i once called dad for u.”

Since the negative reaction, Darren and his wife have reportedly disabled their social media accounts, including their Facebook page, Instagram page and website for their taxidermy company.

PETA responded to the image with a renewed call for bans on trophy hunting. “The vast majority of people oppose trophy hunting. We must continue to make our voices heard and force businesses and lawmakers to listen,” PETA wrote on its website. The group asked supporters to urge the United States Postal Service to stop importing hunting trophies.

Trophy hunts are legal and practiced in 63 countries, according to CBS, which reports that Americans make up 80% of trophy hunting tours’s clientele. The couple has since been hit with backlash from internet users, who claim the act was “evil” and “disgusting,” among other negative comments.

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