Zendaya in Rick Owens at the London Dune premiere: stunning & futuristic?

I genuinely enjoy that Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet are “the faces” of Dune, and the studio keeps sending them out to promote the film together. They have a nice, easy chemistry and you can tell that they’re quite friendly with each other. Not exactly in a sexy way – although I’m sure they would be hot together – but they genuinely seem to enjoy each other. They attended the big London premiere of Dune last night and they posed with each other a lot on the carpet. Zendaya has been saying in interviews that Timmy is “fam” to her and that’s what they seem like on the carpet – dorky brother and sister. It’s sweet.

Zendaya wore this sculptural Rick Owens gown for the premiere. I mean… she’s thin and beautiful and she can pull off any look. My guess is that both Zendaya and Timmy feel like they should look “sci-fi” on the Dune carpets, which is working out well. That’s what this dress looks like to me – a sci-fi costume.

Timothee wore Alexander McQueen. He’s a dandy who loves clothes, and I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t wear boring grey suits everywhere.

Jason Momoa always looks like he’s having the most fun out of everyone. My guess is that everyone on the carpet got a big Momoa bear hug. Love the velvet too!

Rebecca Ferguson wore Carolina Herrera – a big look, and a fun look. Why not?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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