Aldi's Kevin the Carrot toys are flogged for 12 times the price by greedy eBay sellers before they're even released

ALDI’S latest Christmas advert has seen the much-loved Kevin the Carrot return to our screens this festive season.

And greedy eBay sellers are already cashing in on the character’s popularity as they flog Kevin toys for 12 times the price on the auction site.

The plush carrots are marketed at just £3.99 in store but they are being sold for up to £50 on eBay as parents desperately try to get their hands on one despite the toys not landing in store until Saturday.

One seller currently has 12 ‘watchers’ on their listing for the £19.99 Kevin the Pilot toy, which is available as a pre-order.

And they have already sold four of the toys with the listing claiming they still have three available, despite not actually having the stock yet.

Meanwhile Kevin’s grandparents, also priced at £3.99 each in Aldi, currently have an asking price of £34.99 for the pair on eBay.

And those hoping to get their hands on the limited edition Harry the Hedgehog plush can expect to pay an outrageous £50 on eBay.

It comes as we revealed that the supermarket has introduced a digital queuing system usually used to manage Glastonbury ticket sales to manage demand for the toys.

A range of Kevin soft toys will be released on Sunday 15 November at 8am along with other characters from the Christmas advert which was revealed on Friday.

The toys will be available to buy online from Aldi's own website and via Deliveroo.

Kevin the Carrot toys 2020

Here are all the Kevin the Carott toys you can buy from Aldi this year:

  • Kevin the carrot pilot – £3.99
  • Wingman Turkey – £3.99
  • Harry the Hedgehog – £3.99
  • Grate Grandma – £3.99
  • Grate Grandad – £3.99
  • Bundle of above – £19.95
  • Kevin the Carrot – £3.99
  • Katie the Carrot – £3.99
  • Kevin the Carrot kids – £3.99
  • Kevin, Katie and kids bundle – £11.95
  • Giant Kevin the Carrot – £19.99
  • Pyjamas – £4.99-£9.99
  • Tree decorations – £2.99
  • Mug – £1.99
  • Book – £2.99
  • Gift wrap – £1.99

This year the Kevin toy is dressed as a pilot like he is in the Christmas advert and costs £3.99.

There's also toys of other characters in the ad, including Wingman Turkey, Harry the Hedgehog, Grate Grandma and Grate Grandad.

These are also £3.99 each or you can buy all five as a bundle for £19.95.

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