Bride's 'tacky' beach wedding BODYSUIT sparks furious debate online

WHEN it comes to beach weddings, most guests would expect to see the bride to float down the aisle in a wonderfully boho design.

Well one daring bride-to-be has defied all expectations by wearing a glitzy sequin BODYSUIT for her big day – and the internet can't decide if it's terribly "tacky" or downright "gorgeous".

Wanting some feedback on her daring design, the anonymous American bride shared a clip of herself modelling the bodysuit with her Facebook friends.

Complete with a glittery bodice and extravagant lace trim, the bodysuit also has a detachable sparkly tulle skirt which she'll wear while walking down the aisle.

The short clip shows the bride – who is undeniably thrilled with her "dress" – twirling around a wedding gown showroom and posing in front of the mirrors in matching sandals.

However, the video was then shared on the Facebook group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming where it has sparked heated debate among its 94,000 members.

Blasting the "tacky" design, one unimpressed user wrote: "You better get some clothes on before your [mother-in-law] and her family have an en masse hissy fit."

Commenting on the lace trim around the back and sides, another added: "I hate it.

"What is with the thing around the hips? It's a no from me."

A third wrote: "If you look at her hips, the overlay is stiff and sticks out to support the tulle skirt and makes it stand out a bit further and not cling to her legs.

"It just looks weird when the skirt is removed."

Taking aim at the revealing look, another critic said: "I don't need to see your v** at your wedding."

Meanwhile, one user replied: "I love her confidence but that dress is a nope."

However, not everyone has been so critical of the divisive design – with some users commenting on how well the bodysuit flattered the bride's figure.

"Honestly, the piece itself is gorgeous," one wrote. "She seems thrilled and it fits her beautifully!"

Praising the downright "gorgeous" design, another added: "I wanted to hate this. I really did. But it's kind of amazing."

In awe of the bespoke bridal creation, one wrote: "She looks so good and I love that it's one of a kind.

"Actually kinda impressive… no shame here."

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