Camilla wonderful in black dress for The Archers anniversary at Clarence House

Duchess of Cornwall attends war memorial rededication service

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The Duchess of Cornwall gave a speech during a celebration of the show’s 70th anniversary at Clarence House.

For the occasion, Camilla opted for an elegant black dress.

The gown featured a white detail around the neck, long sleeves and a midi skirt.

Camilla combined the outfit with black boots.

The Duchess was also seen wearing an Archers pin, a silver necklace and some of her favourite gold bracelets.

Camilla was also donning her favourite fitness gadget: a Fitbit.

The tool allows you to keep in shape by tracking the movement.

While visiting Egypt and Jordan last month, the 74-year-old Duchess was also spotted wearing the gadget.

The tool seems to be her favourite accessory to help her stay fit and in good shape.

For today’s event, Camilla opted for natural makeup with a dash of mascara and styled her hair in her signature platinum blow-dry.

Many royal fans took to social media to comment on the Duchess’s fashion choice.

Instagram user Malvika Mathur said: “Duchess looks perfect.”

Aigerim Sadir commented: “Beautiful lovely Camilla!”

While Jerry Jackson said Camilla “looked wonderful!”

At the 70th anniversary of The Archers, Camilla gave a speech and met the members of the cast at Clarence House, in London.

She was all smiles as she chatted to actors and producers and admitted The Archers has always been one of her favourite shows.

The Duchess of Cornwall joked she became “quite ratty” if disturbed while listening to the soap.

The Archers is a BBC radio drama broadcasted for the first time in 1951.

The show, which shared the “everyday story of country folk” is the world’s longest-running drama.

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