Cheeky girl, six, leaves ‘tooth’ out for the tooth fairy to bag some quick cash and is instantly branded a genius

A YOUNG girl has been branded a genius for leaving a fake “tooth” for the tooth fairy under her pillow for some cash. 

Rachel Woj discovered that her six-year-old daughter Iris had made the tooth from a Tic Tac with a red tip pen. 

She shared the story on Facebook to brighten people’s day, and it has racked up 33,000 likes. 

Rachel said: “Needed this smile today.

“Made my daughters bed and as I moved her pillow I found 'a tooth'…only I know she hasn't got any wobblys at the mo.

“Close inspection and a sniff reveals half a mint tic tac with red felt tip on! Love little kids minds!!!”

Iris may not have fooled her mum, but she did impress many people online. 

One said: “Love it. Very clever.”

Another added: “Haha scamming the tooth fairy, what a genius.”

And a third said: “Genius, she is destined for great things.”


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