Entitled bride-to-be demands mate makes ‘small’ wedding cake in a few days but is called ‘insane’ after sharing a photo

A WEDDING is a pretty big deal and there's a lot to be done before you can enjoy the special day.

But one bride-to-be has been branded "insane" after demanding her mate bake an extravagant four-tier wedding cake in just a few days – insisting it's easy enough to get done.

The woman texted her friend just a few days before the nuptials to request the "small" cake, which she said was "only for 300 people."

She wrote: "Hey I know it's last minute but would you be able to make a wedding cake by noon on Sunday?"

Open to the idea, her mate replied: "I can possibly fit something in by Sunday but it's going to depend on what your interested in getting."

The bride-to-be sent a snap of what she had in mind, which she described as "not too big".

But the friend was put off by the HUGE wedding cake showed in the picture, insisting it could not be done in such a short time frame.

Politely refusing, the friend wrote: "Oh wow. I'm sorry that's gonna be impossible to fit in on such short notice."

Despite saying she "understood", the woman quickly followed up with: "Are you sure? On TV they complete bigger cakes than this in a short time. Are you a beginner?"

Rather than defending her baking skills, or arguing her point, the friend simply shut down the conversation with: "Have a good night."

A screenshot of the chat was shared in an online wedding shaming group where people were shocked by the future bride's unreasonable request, even calling it "insane."

Responding directly to the comment made about TV bakers, one person wrote: "Do they not understand how TV works?

"Also on the competition shows the cakes are pre-baked so even if the competition is 10 hours, they cooked and cooled the cakes days ahead of time. Stupid b****."

Some people who work in the wedding industry chimed in with similar stories, saying it happens quite often – despite some thinking the request seemed fake.

One woman wrote: "As a baker, I can guarantee this is probably real, and I bet she was going to offer to pay her a "generous" $200 for her last-minute hard work."

Another said: "I wish this wasn't common. The former wedding planner in me knows it is."

While a third added: "As a fellow wedding vendor (photographer, not baker) I've had my share of clients like this and just want to slap this woman. Like seriously."

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