‘Every’ woman has a freckle on their left boob according to bizarre viral Twitter feed

LADIES, it's time to check your breasts.

A bizarre viral feed has everyone subtly looking under their tops in the office today, after suggesting all women have a freckle on their left boob.

After ladies rushed to share pics of their matching wrist freckles, some noticed another common spot.

Although people have been, for obvious reasons, less keen to share photos of their breast freckles – lots of women have said it's true of them.

The freckles tend to fall around the V-neck line, probably because this spot gets more sun exposure.

Freckles are formed when there is a high deposit of melanin at one spot in the skin.

Exposure to sun activates the production of melanin, causing freckles to become darker, which is one theory as to why the top of our breasts are such a hot spot.

Genes also play a part, with freckles being much more obvious in people with light skin, and some people simply not having any.


Taking to Twitter, one woman wrote: "Every girl has a freckle on their right wrist and or left boob".

While a second started a poll, asking: "ladies y'all have a freckle on ur left boob? trying to prove a point".

She explained: "my friend told me that all women he's seen the boobs has a freckle or a mole on the left boob and then we found out that every girl in our group has too".

Ladies were freaked out by the discovering, writing: "weird" and "oh my god that’s crazy i thought i was the weird one for having a freckle on my left boob".

But others dismissed it as nonsense, tweeting: "I’m sorry to inform you but I do not have a freckle on me left boob".

Where do you stand?

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