Ex TK Maxx worker reveals exactly how long you have to wait for sales & say people pee in fitting rooms 'all the time'

TK MAXX is known for its cut-price deals with shoppers unable to resist the big-name items being flogged for ridiculously cheap prices.

And now, Dale O'Keeffe, who used to work for the department store,has spilled the beans on a couple of secrets only staff would know – and revealed some pretty disgusting things he experienced while working in the department store.

While most prices are appealing as they are, there is a way to get them even cheaper, Dale explained.

The ex-worker revealed exactly how long to wait for things to go on sale – which will guarantee an even better deal.

In a video posted to TikTok, the dad-of-two revealed that all items have a sell-by date, and said if they're not sold within six weeks then they go into clearance – and he means EVERYTHING.

"That's why you get the same products for full price as you can in clearance," he explained, so it's worth keeping an eye out if you spot something you like in store.

Speaking of bargain finds, if you're guilty of switching tickets in a bid to get an item for cheaper, Dale said staff absolutely know when you do it, so it's best not to bother.

He said: "We absolutely know when you're trying to con us by switching tickets. So when we say 'oh that doesn't appear to be the right price' that means, we know you switched the ticket and it's definitely not that price.

What's more, if you've ever come across a super friendly staff member in store who offers you help, it's often because they think you're stealing and insist on keeping an eye on you.

But dodgy tricks aside, Dale also shared some pretty gross stories which he insists are 100% true – which involves lots of pee and even vomit.

Admitting it happened "all the time", the ex-worker said people would regularly wee in the fitting rooms instead of ducking out to the loo.

And one customer even used a saucepan as a toilet whichended up all over another customer.

Dale revealed: "Once, someone weed in a saucepan and put it on the top shelf. Then another customer picked it up and tipped all the wee on themselves."

Ladies underwear proved a problem for staff as well, who often came across worn, dirty, knickers hung up on hangers.

Dale said a used sanitary pad was left on one pair of knickers while another pair had obvious "skid marks", with dale admitting "it wasn't very nice".

So next time you're shopping in store, perhaps keep an eye out to avoid any surprises.

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