Gemma Chan Looks for Dresses With Pockets for This Hilarious Reason

It hasn’t taken long for Gemma Chan to establish herself as a bonafide style star. The Oxford-educated Crazy Rich Asians actress topped many an awards season best-dressed list thanks to her fearless fashion choices (think: shorts at the 2019 Golden Globes), and, as it turns out, Chan has but one request when it comes to choosing what to wear on the red carpet.

“I like to just bring up the drama a bit and really go for it,” she told Jimmy Choo’s Choo World in an interview. “But my personal aesthetic is no fuss … And I do also like a snack pocket.”

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As you may recall, the 36-year-old rocked pocket-adorned ensembles at both the Golden Globes and Oscars, and now we know what she was using them for. After wowing in a peacock blue Valentino Haute Couture shorts-gown hybrid at the Globes, Chan upped the ante in a voluminous hot pink gown by the Italian fashion house — complete with a custom-dyed pair of satin crystal-encrusted Jimmy Choo Shiloh sandals — at the Academy Awards.

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The actress’ stylist, Rebecca Corbin-Murray, told Choo World that the statement-making sleeveless gown was the “first thing” they pulled off the rack. “We just knew it was the one,” she shared. “I think we chose pink subconsciously for the awards season. I do feel pink is a super empowering color.”

While the stylist may have been all about the vibrant hue, her client was seemingly drawn to a more discreet feature. On the red carpet, she told reporters that she survived the long show by stashing chocolate chip cookies in the pockets of her gown. On Twitter, she confirmed that “the hunger is real ?.”

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But it’s not her only red carpet hack. “Aside from bringing your own snacks, my other big tip would be to try and take a good friend with you — someone you can enjoy the occasion with,” she told Choo World. “I’d also say remember to keep breathing and try to be present. Of course it is all slightly ridiculous — the pageantry of the red carpet and everything else, but it is also so special. So, definitely try and enjoy the moment.”

And, if all else fails, whip out that cookie.

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