Girl who tried to give herself a ‘princess’ haircut ends up looking like Joe Exotic

WHAT'S the first thing that jumps to mind when you think of the first lockdown? Chances are, it's banana bread and Netflix's Tiger King.

Two-year-old Mylee Howard, from Bideford in Devon, was perhaps a little too young to understand the fu-ROAR around the hit documentary – but she's now accidentally bought into the hype in a big way.

Earlier this month, the tot decided to give herself a "princess" hair cut while her mum Laura-Michelle's back was turned.

The cheeky toddler dragged her walker to the breakfast bar, used a stool to climb up on the kitchen counter and hacked three inches off her hair- before her horrified mother caught wind of what was happening.

Laura-Michelle said: "She'd done it within 30 seconds of leaving the kitchen on her walker. I just heard a loud snip noise and I had a pot of water in my hand and just dropped it.

"I went 'oh my god', and when I got there I just saw hair on the floor. She was hiding underneath the breakfast bar, sitting with the scissors in her hands. It was well-thought out."

Unsure whether to laugh or cry, Laura-Michelle instantly compared Mylee's hair to Joe Exotic's iconic mullet.

She continued: "She's got a strong Devonshire accent and she just told me, 'mummy, I've cut my hair off', and when I asked why, she told me she wanted to be like a beautiful princess. How can you be mad at that?

"She cut right from the temple to the behind the ear, She took some off the fridge too, but I can brush it under and hide it for now, but I can't hide the mullet."

Before the disastrous hair cut, Laura-Michelle – who occasionally cuts men's hair – had never touched Mylee's locks.

She added: "Mylee struggled to grow her hair so I've never cut it and that's why it really upset me, but then I saw the funny side of it. She'd always been a bald baby.

"The hairdressing kit was up quite high on the breakfast bar because I do a bit of barbering for the men in my life and I wanted to re oil the scissors before I put it away."

Luckily, Laura'Michelle's partner Andrew also found the whole thing hilarious – but the pair are planning on taking her to the hairdresser before nursery starts.

The mum continued: "We're going to try and sort it out at the hairdressers, but I don't know what they're going to do because there's just no hair on the side.

"Because she's got to go back to nursery, we'd had all sorts of suggestions about what to do. Somebody said we should shave her head on one side but she'll look like something from Hells Angels.

"I think we'll have to go for a layered bob and just hide it.

"I've definitely learned my lesson to cut it sooner before she does it herself, and we'll have the scissors under lock and key in the garage – even though they were in their case on the bar at the time.

"It's nice to share what happened though because it might make a few people laugh at our expense."

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