Goblincore explained – as well as the best pieces to buy to get in on the trend

Goblincore explained - as well as the best pieces to buy to get in on the trend

If you’re working out your autumn wardrobe as it fast approaches, we have to ask; have you ever considered adding more dirt and a few toadstools?

That’s what’s happening in the world of Gen Z fashion right now, as goblincore takes over our Instagram and TikTok feeds with it’s dewy wholesomeness.

This trend is like a well-worn book mixed with a hand-knitted jumper. It’s some battered old walking boots and earrings you got from your nana. It’s a roaring fire with some well-made socks warming on a rack.

But, crucially, it’s not to be confused with cottagecore.

Whereas cottagecore was all about meadows and charcuterie boards, goblincore is a little more ‘raw’, with motifs including fungi, snails, and frogs.

Comfort is a top priority in the clothing and homeware of goblincore, with natural fabrics and colours, a slightly witchy element, and no fear of letting things wear in or get dirty.

According to goblincore loyal Parker Chandler in Nylon: ‘You wear odd socks, have messy hair, get muddy on a walk — these things are all celebrated within the goblincore aesthetic.

‘It encourages those involved to care less about maintaining the beauty standards expected by society and to create your own,’

Perhaps this more back-to-basics style comes in response to the Cyberdog vibe of y2k clothing on our high streets right now.

Or maybe it’s just because it suits the lifestyle of a cohort whose main form of entertainment over the last 18 months is tramping around in nature.

Either way, it’s an aesthetic unoccupied with glitz or glamour, and something you’re more likely to find on Snufkin from The Moomins than you are in the pages of a glossy magazine.

If you’re thinking about leaning in to this altogether sweeter way of dressing and living, here are a few items to inspire you to be the best goblin you can be.

Decorative toadstools

£14.94, QVC

Waterproof boots

£180, Timberland

Twill dungarees

£60, Lucy and Yak

Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage bowl

£10.50, Arket

Sterling silver frog ring

£35, Martha Jackson

Mushroom sweater

£27.99, Zara

Native Youth wide brim bucket hat

£14, Asos

Dragonfly earrings

From £16.71, Etsy

Mini butterfly embroidered cushion

£12.50, M&S

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