Groom chucks entire wedding cake in his bride’s face after she covers his in cream leaving people totally divided

A GROOM was filmed chucking a gorgeous five-tear wedding cake at his new wife on their wedding day has left people divided after the clip went viral.

Two clips of the shocking act were shared to @kelsboyd3's TikTok account, which appears to belong to the bride in the video.

The first clip shows a bride in a lacy white bridal gown smearing a small handful of cake on her new husband's face.

He turns away as her hand reaches his face, taking a few steps to get away form her playfulgesture.

But the man quickly reacts by picking up the top three tiers of the five-layer cake and throwing it at the bride.

Meanwhile, the second clip reveals the exchange from another angle and alsoshows the groom excitedly smiling and jumping up and down after throwing the cake.

The clips have received a mixed response online, with some people accusing the bloke of 'going too far'.

One person said: "Oh HELL NO! Major red flag."

Another added: "I understand a piece of cake but the whole thing and the stand?"

A third commented: "You are in denial if you think this was 100% ok? What a great guy. Good luck."

A fourth wrote: "Ah yes, aggressively whipping a heavy cake at your beautiful bride. Very romantic and sweet and gentle of you."

"Probably cost $100s and nobody even got to enjoy it," said another. "Kind of disrespectful to whoever put time into making that for you."

Others have cruelly slammed the couple for their cake fight, with some claiming it's grounds of divorce.

"Not a good start in marriage, lmao," one person commented.

However, the bride rushed to the bloke's defence, responding to a comment which labelled his behaviour as "embarrassing".

She wrote: "We don't get embarrassed in front of friends and family. This is us and it was funny to everyone. I'm sorry that you have a different sense of humour."

Another woman who claimed to know the couple chimed in: "Y'all in the comments must not have fun with your significant other and it shows lol. I was at the wedding and they play like that. Bye haters."

Others have rushed to the man's defence, commenting that he's just being playful.

"I'm glad you're enjoying each other and are able to be funny in front of everyone," a TikTok user wrote. "You go girl, as long as you feel safe and happy, who cares what they say?"

A second commented: "He was smiling the whole time , he clearly was just trying to have some fun too. He didn't need to throw the cake but still I think he meant no harm."

A third said, "It's amazing how people will tell you based on a video what they think your relationship is like," and the bride responded, "For real! Amen."

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