Groom's sister slammed for showing up in WHITE lace gown to wedding – but insists it's actually 'yellow'

WE get it – dressing for a wedding is an absolute fashion minefield.

On the hand, you want to look smart enough for all the photos but also don't want to draw any focus from the happy couple.

So personally, we're always a little relieved when we're given a dress code or told what colours to avoid.

But while one bride thought that be enough to prevent any fashion faux pas at her wedding, it seems her new sister-in-law had other ideas.

Posting on Reddit's Wedding Shaming forum, a friend of the bride's shared the photos which "will never see the light of day" on social media.

They wrote: "[The bride] asked everyone not to wear cream, white, or black.


"Sadly she forgot to mention you also couldn’t wear a wedding dress."

Although the groom's sister insisted that her dress was "yellow", it looked crisp white as she posed for a photo with the bride.

And to make matters worse, it also appeared to have a small train on the back too.

Needless to say, other members on the forum were equally as shocked by the sister-in-law's outfit.

One wrote: "What the hell is wrong with people? How difficult is it to NOT WEAR A WEDDING DRESS to someone else's wedding???"

Another added: "She must have literally bought that dress in a bridal store. What people sometimes do is beyond me."

Meanwhile, a third joked: "A pale yellow? A yellowy-white? Yellow snow?"

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