Hoarder fills 3-storey mansion with 31 TONNES of clothes, books & trinkets, there’s so much stuff she can’t use stairs

CLEANING experts cleared 31 tonnes of junk from a hoarder's home – and the change was remarkable.

Carol, from Missouri, USA, admitted she was looking for that "elusive" thing.

But in the process she had filled the stunning home she shared with husband Dave to the brim with junk.

It filled virtually every room – and you couldn't even go up the stairs, it was so messy.

Carol's family called in the team from US TV show Hoarders, which is in its eleventh season and airs trailers on its Facebook page.

Carol's story went viral with thousands of people liking the five minute snippet of what happened to her.

She explained: "It's a beautiful house and right now it's in chaos, it's easy to happen ifyou're interested in a lot of stuff and you collect it.

"Eventually things can get out-of-hand and it's all my fault."

Dave added: "I think Carol is a hoarder, absolutely. She brings things in but very little of it leaves.

"At this point the house is full… and I mean full."

Carol added how she was interested in "a lot of things," explaining she was looking for that "elusive thing".

Show expert Dorothy said it was a "massive hoard".

"I miscalculated," she admitted, midway through the clean up. "We've got 24 tonnes out and there's more coming out.

"This is coming out from a single house.

"I'm pretty excited.

"The cleaning company is going like crazy, we're making progress."

At the end she said "the house is looking beautiful."

"I could see the beautiful stained-glass windows," at the end.

"It's wonderful," said Dave's son.

"We have some closure now," added another family member."

And Carol said: "It's been a life-changing week. I hope it's good for the family and continues to be good for the family. We'll see what happens, it's a journey."

However, the story ended rather sadly with reviews in the States revealing Dave had died shortly after filming and the family had to sell the house.

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