Honey, I shrunk the Uggs! This simple hack will change the way you wear your Ugg boots

Written by Naomi May

Joan Smalls, Emily Ratajkowski and Gigi Hadid are all fans of the microscopic Ugg boot du jour, but TikTok has a hack that will change the game for owners of the OG style. 

You might have managed to swerve them at the zenith of their popularity in the 00s, but you’ll struggle to escape them this time around as Ugg boots continue to surge in popularity.

Among their fanbase are not only the style set, but also all manner of celebs, from Gigi Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski. But banish all connotations of chunky, calf-height slouchy boots from your mind, for 2022’s take on the trend is short and sweet. 

If upgrading your 20-year-old pair to the Classic Mini II Ugg boots that everybody has been plodding around in seems a step too far, then TikTok may just have the hack for you. 

Emily Ratajkowski wearing the Ugg Ultra Mini Boot

In a video, TikTok user @emkeen3 took her bigger boots from the 00s and cut them to the height of the current mini style. She then stitched the ribbon that’s woven across the tops of the shoes to the tops of her DIY mini boots, which made for a pair of Uggs that looked current, cool and cosy.

Given that the video has amassed just shy of 500,000 likes on the app, there’s no doubt that people across the world are slicing and dicing their boots for a (mini) slice of the Ugg pie.

Images: courtesy of Getty.

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