How to make the 'best' chocolate orange cake WITHOUT baking & it’s really simple

DO you want to impress guests at Christmas, without having to go through the effort?

Well, one chef has just the recipe that will have your guests wanting more – especially the ones with a sweet tooth. 

TikTok chef Steve Devereux, who goes by the name of Food Made Simple on his social media, has created a mouth watering recipe and you don’t even need an oven. 

It’s called the Chocolate Orange No Bake Cake recipe, and he shared his secret ingredients to his 577k followers just in time for Christmas. 

Firstly, the chef layers a tin with Jaffa Cakes and then uses a potato masher to squish the circular snacks together.

Then he melts some Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments down and pours the mixture into the tin. 


He then places orange flavoured KitKats on top, and scatters some crushed orange club biscuits.

Steve then breaks up pieces of fudge to add on top. 

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To finish off he then pours on more melted chocolate orange. 

To decorate the dessert, he adds Jaffa Cakes and chocolate orange segments. 

All that is left to do is place the cake into the fridge to let it set. 

And people couldn’t get enough of his creation, and praised the chef for sharing his recipe.

One wrote: “Orange flavoured chocolate is the best and nobody will ever change my mind.”

Another user added: “I’m trying this.”

A third person voiced: “That looks absolutely lush.”

Someone else said: “My idea of heaven.”

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