How to tell just by looking at someone if they’re up for a one night stand

YOU can tell if someone is up for a one night stand just by looking at them, experts have revealed.

Men who have long facial features and large eyes, and women with slim faces and smaller eyes are thought to be more promiscuous.

A study in Australia asked heterosexual men and women about their willingness to have casual sex.

They also took their pictures and showed them to other people taking part in the research.

This was to see if, based on only looks, they could tell if the other person would be interested in casual sex.

Women were largely right in their guesses, picking out the men who were keen for a one night stand.

But men often wrongly thought smaller features and lips on a woman meant they were up for casual sex.

This means that men might subconsciously look for these traits when eager for a night in bed with someone, but they may not suggest the woman will be keen.

Professor Ian Stephen said: "This surprised us. The ability to make these judgements would also be really useful to men who are trying to judge who might be interested in short-term uncommitted relationships, and who might be more interested in something longer-term and more serious.

"When we are looking for a new partner, we might be looking for different things.


"Sometimes we might be looking to form a lasting relationship, but at other times we might just be looking for a fling. 

"We decided to see whether people's intentions might be revealed by their faces."

The study authors, from Macquarie University in Australia used just over 100 Caucasian people with an average age of 20 for the research.

Co-author Joe Antar said: "It turned out that women were really good at judging whether men were only interested in short-term uncommitted relationships.

"This is a really valuable skill to have, as it would allow women to make subconscious decisions about which men would be a good fit for them, according to their relationship goals."

They discovered computers would therefore be able to make accurate predictions about men's relationship intentions just from their faces.

Antar said: "We think this points to a role for testosterone.

"Higher levels of testosterone are associated with more masculine-looking facial features, and with more male-typical behaviour like interest in short-term, uncommitted relationships. 

"Because testosterone plays a much smaller role in female development, this would also explain why the information about relationship intention does not appear to be present in women's faces."

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