I got a £200k car as a push present from my man – I deserve it & there’s no way I’m having a baby for free | The Sun

WHEN you’ve spent nine months carrying your growing baby, the greatest gift is seeing their little face for the first time – or so we thought. 

Growing up, some of us were awarded money or gifts for our life achievements such as GCSE grades and school attendance. 

But would you expect a present for pushing out a baby? 

A rich housewife in Dubai has divided opinion after her millionaire husband bought her a bright pink Mercedes after she gave birth to their son. 

Malaikah Raja is a young British woman who shares her luxury lifestyle on TikTok.

Over 400,000 people follow her daily adventures in Dubai, from designer shoe shopping to nail salon visits and first class air travel. 

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In October, months after welcoming her baby boy into the world, Malaikah revealed her ‘push present’ – a Pink Mercedes G-Wagon worth over £100,000. 

The lucky lady captioned her clip: “You think I’m doing this for free. Send this to someone who needs a hint.” 

Malaikah’s new ride sits centre stage, in front of two imposing high rise towers lighting up the night sky.

The new mum is all smiles as she walks towards her grand gift, wearing a long burgundy outfit and sleek head scarf. 

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A bunch of balloons in white, pink and metallic hues sit next to the hot-pink car, which attracts the attention of Malaikah’s little boy who sits comfortably in her arms. 

A soundbite from The Kardashians TV show plays over the clip: “A service fee for my services… Do you think I’m doing this for free?”

Malaikah’s followers couldn’t believe how lucky she was to receive such a pricey gift and called the car ‘a dream’. 

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Some gushed over the vehicle and dubbed it ‘cute’, adding that the new mum deserved ‘nothing less’ for her efforts in bringing their little one into the world.

But others weren’t so impressed.

“Keep showing us your life. Don’t worry you won’t get any evil eye, or have people envying you at all,” posted one disgruntled viewer. 

A second remarked: “I swear you just got lucky.”

In other clips, Malaikah shows off the fabulous interior of her new car, including lush leather seats and bespoke star lights on the ceiling to entertain their little one.

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The pink wagon features in almost all of the happy mum’s TikTok videos, and she’s even taken it on a trip to McDonald’s drive-thru. 

Malaikah says: “I don’t have just a husband. I have a husband that buys me pink gwagons, luxury jewellery, designer bags, designer shoes. No limits on my spending, doesn’t expect me to cook or clean. Exactly as it should be.”

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