I live in a floating cabin – it only costs £2k in rent for a year and the bills are virtually nothing too, it's so cheap | The Sun

A COUPLE have taken to social media to open up about their unique living situation.

The couple, known on TikTok as Keeping Afloat with the Joneses, live an off grid, on water lifestyle.

Instead of a typical house or flat, the pair and their adorable dog, Iko, live in a floating cabin.

Brandon and Sarah live in their floating cabin in North Carolina, United States and have recently revealed what it’s really like to live in a home on water, to their 30k TikTok followers.

The pair explained that they bought the cabin and for two and a half hours, turned the old floating shack into their first home.

They chose to do all of the work themselves and although it was a huge learning curve, they explained that it saved them the money they needed to bring their dream to life. 

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The couple said: “We get so many questions about this unique lifestyle off the grid & on the water! 

“We’d love to answer whatever y’all are most curious about.”

The pair explained: “We have less than $40k [£32.6k] invested in the house TOTAL, between the cost to purchase and reno. 

“[It’s] cheaper than a trailer and virtually no bills.” 

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They noted that they pay a “very cheap” yearly rent to live on the lake, but it is only £2,000.

They continued: “If you can afford a trailer you can afford our house.

“Yearly “rent” for the spot is $2500 [£2,000].

“Sooo affordable!”

Brandon runs a marina and Sarah works locally guiding outdoor adventures.

They added: “We both have vehicles – still go to work, the store, out to dinner, see friends & family.” 

When it comes to the toilet on their floating home, the couple confirmed: “It’s a macerating toilet, grinds everything up and it goes into a holding tank that we have pumped out weekly.” 

TikTok users were stunned at the couple’s unique lifestyle and were eager to learn more. 

One person said: “Incredible! Wow! How do you choose routes and lakes? Waves? How is this different from a boat?” to which the couple replied “We are in a no wake zone but still get wake from the occasional rude boater lol. Natural waves from wind aren’t too bad. 🙂” 

Another added: “How do you get electricity? And is your wood stove the only heat source?” to which the TikToker responded “Solar! generator pack up. We cook with propane, so when we use the oven it tends to heat the house some as well. Also a propane heater for backup!” 

A third commented: “I know you don’t regret it, but how hard was it to make the decision versus modern street housing?” to which the social media user noted “it was one of the easiest decisions we ever made honestly 🤣 we literally bought the place sight unseen without thinking twice. crazy but worth it!” 

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Whilst someone else questioned: “How many other floating homes are on the lake? Saw several in an earlier video” to which the couple explained “300-400ish!! Well, including true houseboats. there are a handful of other lakes that allow these too 🙂” 

Meanwhile, another user wondered: “How far away are you from the marina?” to which the user simply said “just a few minutes boat ride away! easy even to paddle there when it’s not too windy.”

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