I love being a traveller – people always ask why we wrap our furniture in plastic but there’s a VERY good reason for it | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the real reason travellers often cover their furniture in plastic.

Taking to her TikTok account kellyxkellyannn, Kelly showed off her incredible mobile home.

Kellyann Holmes Varey posted a video of her home on TikTok and it soon went viral with over 100k views.

In the video, Kellyann used the song 'I'm proud to be a traveller.'

Her home had a stunning covered outdoor seating area, a separate caravan for their kitchen, and a spacious grey dining area in their main trailer.

Kellyann also showed followers her beige dining area, where the seating area had been covered in plastic wrap.


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It led many people to ask why they were covered.

One wrote: "Why is everything wrapped?"

In a separate video, Kellyann responded to the comment and revealed exactly why they keep them covered in plastic.

She showed viewers some of the seating cushions that hadn't been wrapped and the disgusting reason why they should be.

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Taking a carpet shampooer, Kellyann began to clean the seating pads – and the results were grim.

In just a few minutes, the water had turned dark brown and murky – showing exactly why she keeps her furniture covered.

People quickly took to the comments of the videos and were stunned by how much dirt there was.

One wrote: "My insides are dying."

Another person commented: "People's couches are so dirty and they don’t even realise. Wrapping them is easy to wipe & keeps them looking new!!!"

And that’s why we buy all leather," penned a third.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Beautiful, looks so clean and stylish."

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