I paid £125 to have a split dye on my hair but my hairdresser left it a big patchy mess

A GIRL was left furious after her hair stylist botched the split dye she had asked for, leaving her hair patchy all over.

TikTok user @emilythecounselor shared her bad experience online and revealed that she'd asked for one side of her hair to be dyed medium brown and the other a light blonde, but the result was nothing like she'd expected.

Wanting to give her hair a cool-looking makeover, she booked herself an appointment at the salon and paid $170 (£125) for the new colour.

In a video she posted on social media, Emily shared snaps of how she had hoped her hair would look with the split dye – with the images showing hair perfectly divided into light and dark on either side.

Revealing what hers ended up like, a mortified Emily was seen with her hand over her mouth, as she showed off the uneven colour on the blonde side of her hair and the patchy colour that came with orange streaks.

"I literally paid a salon for this," she captioned her post, that has been watched 102k times online, before revealing she paid $140 for the dye job and an extra $30 tip to her stylist as, at first, she couldn't see how botched her hair was.

In a follow-up video, Emily explained how her hairdresser had never done a split dye before and her hair would be the "first time" they'd given it a go.

She claimed that the stylist not only used black dye instead of brown, but didn't bleach her hair correctly and rushed her appointment when her next client turned up.

Emily revealed: "Four months ago I decided that I wanted a split dye in my hair. I was gonna do it myself and I was like, 'Girl no, that's stupid. You need to go to a salon.'

"So I phoned a reputable salon near me and I went and I had a consultation and I said, 'Hey girl, is this going to take more than two sessions because if it is, I'lljust pick something else cool and that's fine with me?'

"She was like, 'No, we can do it in one.' So I made the appointment, I was so excited."

Emily continued: "She's dying my hair and I told her I wanted medium brown to medium light blonde, I didn't want black and white. She puts this dye on and immediately I was like that's black, I didn't say anything…

"Then she starts doing this side of my hair [blonde side] – I don't know much, but I do know that if you are lightening hair, you're not supposed to put it in the front first and you're not supposed to do the roots first and you know what she did, both of those things."

I pay her $140 plus a $30 tip because I thought she did a good job… I get in my car and I look in the rear view mirror and I was like, 'Oh no'

She claimed that the hairdresser then rushed the end of her appointment and didn't even bother styling her hair once the new colour had been rinsed through.

"Her next client walks in and I see the panic in her eyes, she really quickly takes the foils out of my hair. This part of my hair [the blonde side] had been bleached for maybe like 10 minutes, puts me in the sink, rinses my hair out, tones my hair really fast for like 3 minutes only," Emily said.

"Then she puts me under the dryer and leaves me there for 45 minutes. She then came and got me… she didn't curl it, straighten it, nothing, just left it the way it was all crusty and nasty."

Emily explained that it wasn't until she got back into her car and put her glasses on that she realised just how patchy her hair had been left, while looking in her rear view mirror.

She said: "I pay her $140 plus a $30 tip because I thought she did a good job. I get in my car and I look in the rear view mirror and I was like, 'Oh no.'"


After calling the salon the following day, Emily was told the stylists wouldn't fix it and she's now left to try and fix her uneven locks herself.

Hundreds of fellow hair lovers sympathised with her, with one person commenting: "Oh my. They left your light side so uneven. Shouldn't they have at least blended it or evened the colour out??"

Another quizzed: "They let you walk out like that???"

A third urged: "Girl, go back and make them even you out," to which Emily replied: "I tried. They 'don't see anything wrong with it.'"

One more person added: "Speaking as a hair colourist, it is 100% the salon's responsibility to make this right!!! I am so sorry that you had to deal with this!"

Another agreed: "They definitely should have to fix that. The lighter side is several different colours! If they don't, I would be blasting them with bad reviews.'

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