I ran out of wrapping paper so I grabbed a roll of my mum’s – it looked great but then I realised what I actually used | The Sun

WE’VE all been guilty of nicking a few sheets of our mum’s wrapping paper come Christmas Eve.

However, one cautionary tale will teach you to that at your own peril after doing just that ended in disaster.

Taking to Twitter, Daniel revealed that his brother had made that mistake and it quickly went viral.

In his tweet he shared a snap of his brother’s wrapping skills, displaying a selection of presents wrapped in a light blue paper.

Only it wasn’t wrapping paper.

Captioning the tweet he wrote: “My brother used, as wrapping paper, the €70 wallpaper that Mum had bought to redecorate rooms. Cannot cope ahahah

on Christmas

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“First Christmas argument underway.”

The tweet has since been viewed more than 21 million times and has received almost 300,000 likes and hundreds of comments from equally tickled Twitter users.

Responding to the tweet, one wrote: “Thoughts and prayers to your Mum. To the gallows with your brother!”

“The paper is beautiful!  Those will be the prettiest presents under the tree,” added another.

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“What to do about your brother 😂 many of us have one like this 🙃.  Bon courage,  and Merry Christmas.”

Meanwhile a third wrote: “Oh my god, the mixed emotions she’ll have unwrapping her gift …”

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