I thought I’d nabbed a bargain after getting boots from M&S for £13, but then I got home & realised what had happened | The Sun

A BARGAIN-HUNTING fashionista has shared the major fail she experienced after bagging a cute pair of boots for a little over a tenner.

Like most of us, shopper Hayley Meli, from London, loves a good deal – so when she spotted a pair of boots going for just £13 in Marks & Spencer, she didn't think twice.

The woman, originally from Nottingham, nabbed the new footwear and headed to the till to pay for it.

The cream coloured boots, which come with a zip detailing in the front, had been slashed from £49.50 to just £13, meaning she was saving over £36.

Chuffed with the steal, she headed home to admire the new purchase. But this is when she came to realise what had actually happened.

In hysterics, Hayley took to the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook to share the hilarious fail.


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''Was super chuffed with this find £13 from M&S ..tried them on at home and they're both left feet,'' the shopper couldn't get over the blunder in the post.

Although some insisted the boots looked perfectly fine, Hayley explained she had switched them to try on multiple times.

''One fits perfectly the other doesn't,'' she wrote.

It's safe to say, the fail took the social media platform by storm, leaving thousands in stithces.

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Over 6.6k Facebook fans liked the post and more than 400 flocked to comments to share their thoughts and tag their pals.

''Oh nooo!! Wonder if someone on here will have the 2 right feet, that would be cute,'' a person joked.

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''I'm in bed very poorly with covid ,this just made me laugh and cough and pee my pants!'' someone else couldn't get over the funny situation.

''Shop are meant to check at till,'' added a fourth who reckoned the shop assistants were to blame.

Speaking of shopping fails, one woman was also recently mortified when she got back home with her new 70p Tk Maxx heels.

Martine Nicholson, from Glasgow, took to Facebook to show off her steal – a pair of heeled sandals she had picked up from the high-street retailer for less than a pound.

Beyond pleased with the find, the mum-of-two shared a snap of the new shoes on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group.

''Nice little bargain today in tk maxx £0.70,'' the trendy fashionista wrote in the caption next to the two images.

The footwear in question was a pair of black heeled sandals with a gold buckle detailing on the side that had initially been going for a whopping £105.

At first, TK Maxx had put a sticker that said £70, but over time the price dropped from £1.70 to just 70p.

Of course, Martine is not one to sleep on a good deal so she immediately bagged it.

But whilst she may have loved the find, which she stumbled upon in the clearance section, people on social media insisted the mum had wasted her money.

Seeing the state of the shoes, particularly the sole underneath, some reckoned they had been worn for quite some time.

One person wrote: ''Someone took off their shoes at TK max n left with a new pair surely.''

Another agreed, adding: ''They're defo worn and returned. That scuffing is more than shop wear.''

''They look like someones [sic] old shoes and they have put a sticker on it sorry to say but they look really worn,'' a third commented.

Fortunately, it wasn't all negative, as numerous of fellow group members flocked to comments to show support.

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One kind person hit back at all the meanies: ''70p for a pair of shoes?! good for you! I dont get these comments… its a bargain page.

''Yes they look worn but they are still wearable… and not much you can get for 70p nowadays!''

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