I tried the viral TikTok bodysuit as a mum – it made me feel so confident with my postpartum body and it's a bargain too | The Sun

A MUM was feeling more confident than ever after purchasing a bodysuit everyone's raving about on TikTok.

Over the recent months, TikTok has become the go-to for many bargain-hunting fashionistas – and one of those who decided to see what the fuss was all about was mum Maisie Crompton (@maisie_crompton).

This time, the UK size 16 stunner ordered a brown bodysuit that cost her less than £15 – and here's how it went.

''I already have this in black and I love it,'' said the mum, explaining that she wanted to see how the two compared.

First, to make sure she can give an accurate review, Maisie demonstrated her 154k fans what she looked like without the slimming garment.

Posing in a black long sleeve top and a pair of dark jeans, Maisie, who's now travelling across Australia with her baby, said: ''Let's see how much of a difference this shapewear makes.''

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After putting it on, Maisie was lost for words: ''I feel snatched in this, I feel like it's literally compressing everything.''

She chuckled in the video: ''Even feel like I've got a bit of a waist – that never happens!

''It just makes my stomach feel a bit more flatter, just feel really supportive.''

The only negative she noted was the material, which she reckoned was a little see-through.

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''You probably would wanna wear nipple covers or I would just probably wear a bra.''

Stunned at just how good the size XL garment looked, Maisie, originally from the UK, said it boosted her confidence.

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''This makes me feel so confident on my midsize body 4 months postpartum.''

The mum also shared a little reminder at the end of the clip: ''You don't need shapewear to look beautiful.

''I just like it because it makes me feel more confident.''

Fellow fashionistas flocked to comments and many said they had been influenced to nab one too.

''you're the first person who seems genuine talking about it, so I've finally placed my first order on Tiktok shop,'' a style lover wrote.

A second mum added: ''Influenced! Needed shapewear for a bridesmaid dress I’m due to wear in April 6 months postpartum.''

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''You look so good!'' a TikTok user couldn't get over Maisie's looks.

''You look fab and that colour is so cute on you,'' a fourth agreed.

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