I was spending over £900 on food shopping a month – I’ve cut it by half thanks to a savvy tip

MANY of us are trying to save money on our food shop as food prices increase.

One woman has found a simple way to do so with her savvy tip.

Julie, from the US, has been trying to cut down her families food costs and has shared the journey over on her TikTok account, You Need a budget.

Julie's simple tip, which has cut her monthly food shopping bills in half from £900 ($1200) to £480 ($600), is to simply use all left over food.

She said: "I hate to admit this, but I used to throw away leftover mac and cheese all the time because my kids don't like it.

"But lately I've been trying to be more mindful of how much money I spend on groceries which has naturally led me to cut out and eliminate food waste."


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In the video, she demonstrates that she had lots of leftover pasta from last night's dinner, and she adds vegetables left in the fridge to bulk it up and make another meal.

"So yes, we've reduced our groceries form over $1200 a month to less than $600."

With the leftover pasta, she was able to make a portion of lunch for her husband, Jesse.

In another video, Julie also recommends switching from branded food to store's own brand food to save money.

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Many viewers were impressed by Julie's tip, which she revealed makes you be more creative in the kitchen as to not waste any food.

One wrote: "Wonderful job mama! I’m am trying to be more mindful too with the food budget. This gives me inspiration!"

"This is honestly such a cool thing you’re doing," added another viewer.

A third commented: "I check my fridge for anything that needs to be used before I cook and incorporate leftovers into the next meal. Soups, frittata, hash etc."

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