I went to my work gym in an inappropriate outfit and was mortified when I got caught – people think it’s hilarious | The Sun

A WOMAN has been mortified after she was caught in an inappropriate outfit while using the gym facility at her workplace.

Many, however, found humor in the woman's blunder.

One woman named Jessie Orozco, who goes by @jessiedami on TikTok, said she thought she was about to get her typical solo time at the gym — but instead she had an unexpected visitor.

“So, I’m at work and there’s a gym in the basement," Jessie began.

“And typically, I’ll come down here wearing like, whatever, because no one is in here."

On this day, however, that unfortunately wasn’t the case.

“Today, someone is in here, and this is what I brought to wear.”

She stepped back to reveal her outfit.

Jessie was wearing a fitted tank top that hugged her body and revealed her cleavage.

She paired it with tight biker shorts that accentuated her curves and showed off her legs.

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“Not only is this totally inappropriate,” she said, “but my legs are whiter than snow and can blind someone in the right light.”  

Although Jessie was clearly embarrassed by the situation, she found humor in it too, laughing and captioning the video: “Oops.”

Viewers, too, found it hilarious, with people leaving multiple laughing emojis.

Others supported her choice to wear tight-fitting gym clothes.

“Awe hon you do you. No one else matters,” one person wrote.

“It's a gym fit, nobody cares!” added a second.

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