I woke on New Year’s Eve thinking my period had started – I was actually in labour and had a surprise baby hours later

A TEENAGER who thought she was starting her period was stunned to find out she was having a baby – as she had no idea she was even pregnant.

Tailyn Normann took to her TikTok page to reveal her cryptic pregnancy story, admitting she was completely unaware she was carrying a baby until she went into labour in the early hours of New Year's Eve 2019.

"I woke up at 1am puking and bleeding everywhere," she began.

"I then decided to sit on the toilet, thinking I’d started my period."

While she was struggling with bad cramps, she still thought it was just a particularly painful period, and refused to wake up her mum.

"I took a shower at 8am to hopefully have the heat help with ‘cramps’," she continued.

"I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I decided to tell my mum at 10am how I was feeling all night."

Her mum was "upset" she didn't tell her any sooner, and called round the local doctors trying to get her an appointment.

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However, as it was New Year's Eve, she could get one.

"I kept saying I needed to push and my mum freaked out and said she thought I was having a baby," Tailyn added.

"My parents rushed me to the hospital ASAP."

Once at the hospital, the emergency room nurses told Tailyn she was "pregnant and about to deliver a baby".

"Fifteen minutes later I delivered a healthy 5lbs 12oz beautiful baby boy," she concluded.

Tailyn's son Mason is now approaching his 2nd birthday.

A cryptic pregnancy is when the mother doesn't know they are pregnant, and even pregnancy tests come back negative.

It's not uncommon, and Tailyn's comments section was quickly flooded with other women who had experienced similar situations themselves.

"Love your birth story," one person wrote. "I had my son without knowing i was pregnant as well."

"I didn’t think it was possible to be preg without knowing…until it happen to me!!!" another added. "Still had cycle and gain no weight!"

"I have 6 children and all of my pregnancies were exactly like this," a third person wrote.

However, another added that she wishes her pregnancy was like that, writing: "I’m so jealous of these stories! I’m suffering since I was three weeks pregnant!

"Vomiting, weak ! You are so lucky!"

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