I work in a sunbed shop and there are eight types of tanner that come into the salon – which one are you?

IF you're a sunbed fan, how do you stand?

One woman, who works in a sunbed shop, has revealed the different types of customers she sees on a daily basis – and the cute nicknames she's given them all.

She detailed the stereotypical sunbed users in a video on TikTok for the Tan Allure salon in Aberdeen, as she began with the 'Waiter'.

Those who adopt that position are seen looking at their watch while waiting impatiently in the cubicle.

Next, the 'Kebab' – where the person stands with their legs apart, with their hands by their sides, and slowly turn around.

And thirdly, the 'Starfish'.

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As it sounds, this involves the sunbed user standing with their arms and legs apart – in a starfish shape.

The more social media refined sunbed fans are called the 'Snapchatters' by tan shop employees, as they pout and pose for Snapchat pictures.

The 'Leaner' is next – those that are bored and end up leaning on the side of the cubicle.

In the same respect, the 'CBA' (can't be a**ed) is a customer who sits on the floor of the sunbed, waiting for it to finish.

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Or are you the kind of person who prefers a jig around inside the cubicle?

If so you're more likely to be a 'Dancing Queen' or a 'Performer' – both of whom use their tanning time to belt out a song or have a dance.

Commenting on the video, one person wrote: "I’m a ‘wait for the lie downs because I’m lazy and can’t stand straight for 12 minutes’."

To which the poster replied: "Preach it for those lazy gals in the back – you’d get bored and end up being the kebab of you was to stand lol."

"I’m a guilty performer," another wrote.

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While someone else added: "dancing queen, performer and starfish depending in how long I do."

Another person asked which is the best position for an even tan, to which the woman suggested the "starfish".

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