I'm 18 & over-the-moon I'm finally pregnant with kid number 2 – trolls say I shouldn't try & have babies when I am one

A TIKTOK teen mum has finallyfound out that she is pregnant with her second child after taking several tests.

Jordanna Lamb shared the happy news with her followers on social media, but not all of her fans were impressed by the announcement.

Some trolls commented that she wasn't old enough to be having children.

The TikTok teen mum uploads regular videos showing snippets of her life as the mother to a one-year-old.

In one recent video Jordanna showed herself taking a pregnancy test.

She said: "It is November 4th and I am taking a first response pregnancy test.

"My mind is blown, it's so crazy how this worked and how fast the line showed up. Not even 30 seconds later.

"This makes me so happy! I literally can't believe it!"

Fans were quick to congratulate the 18-year-old on her second pregnancy.

One said: "Congratulations!! I've been sending baby vibes your way a lot lately so I am so happy to see this!!"

Another said: "Congrats girl. I'm so happy for you guys."

And a third said: "Yayyy, I've been waiting for this day for so long."


But not everyone was kind about the baby news.

One person commented: "Shouldn't be having babies when you are one."

But the mum pointed out that she is an adult as she is 18 years old.

Plenty of fans were quick to offer words of support.

One said: "Having kids young is superior anyway.

"My parents were young and I got to grow up with me great grandparents and always having fun. My mom is my bff."

Another said: "You're more of an adult than I am and I'm 20."

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