I’m a bra expert and this bra can actually stop your boobs from growing if you wear it too long

CHOOSING the right bra is hard enough as there are so many styles, colours AND sizes, that can also change over time.

Some styles can limit your breast development if you wear them for long periods, everyday, over a long-term basis.

A study by Victoria's Secret revealed that 80 per cent of us don't even know our true bra size.

Those with bigger busts should limit the length of time they wear sports bras and tankinis to prevent damaging their chest.

Bra fitter Olivia Hogan spoke to Tyla and shared: "If you have a bigger bust, wearing sports bras every day is definitely not recommended."


"They work by compressing your chest, which over time can damage your breast tissue and affect your lymphatic system".

She continued. "When shopping for bras, look for the ones that have a high centre plate (this is the middle of the bra that joins the two cups together).

"A lot of people shy away from underwire as it is deemed uncomfortable but this only happens when your bra is ill-fitting.

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To get the best support, underwire should encapsulate the whole breast and sit behind the breast tissue".

"Your bra band supports 80% of the bust weight. Ideally it should fit right to the body so when pulled away the gap isn't greater than an inch."

People with smaller boobs should avoid plunge bras and are better suited to a balconette style.

This is because: "It depends on how the bust sits", Olivia said.

"People with smaller breasts may find that they aren't able to fill out a plunge bra and there can be some gaping over the top. You won't get the support you need from a plunge bra.

"Balconettes are supportive for most breast shapes as they lift the bust up"

A supportive bra isn't just about your bust as a bad bra can cause a bad back, strained shoulders and general discomfort.

A great tip is to always wear new bras on the furthest hook, and to work your way in as the band stretches over time, so move along the hooks.

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