I’m a cleaning expert – my dish soap hack will save you money, but I’m trolled for it | The Sun

HAVE you ever poured water into your bottle of dish soap to make it last that little bit longer?

Using a simple and free hack you can prolong the life of your dish soap bottle and save yourself money.

TikTok user Washy Wash shared her easy dish soap savvy hack with her followers.

In her video, the TikToker shows how freezing your dish soap is a clever idea for both your wallet and the environment.

"Pour dish soap into an ice cube tray and let it freeze," she said.

"Place a dish soap ice cube inside a sponge," Washy Wash continued, demonstrating how to cut the sponge.

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With this hack, the TikToker says you will "save money, the environment and always have a bubbly sponge."

However, her followers took to the Instagram comments section, where the video was reposted, to share their criticisms.

"Why? I don't see an advantage," said one user.

Another viewer agreed: "Totally unnecessary as these sponges retain lots of dish soap anyway, sometimes too much, without doing any of that nonsense."

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"…Or you can just squirt dish soap on a sponge," wrote another follower.

Other viewers criticized the cleanliness of the unique dish washing method.

One person commented: "Sponges need to be dried in between washing. It is a breeding ground for bacteria."

Other users even criticized the original poster's use of a plastic sponge.

"I'm not sure how this plastic-based sponge saves the environment," wrote one person.

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