I’m a competition addict – I earn thousands selling my prizes & never pay for holidays – my trick to bagging jackpots | The Sun

ENTERING free giveaways is more than a hobby for Gemma Hall.

The 27-year-old from Manchester says she’s become a competition addict and has won so many prizes, they’re practically bursting out of her bedroom.

Gemma, who’s an employment worker, began entering free competitions back in 2020 after realising just how much money she could make from it. 

Now she enters over 500 giveaways a month, bags free holidays around the world and earns thousands of pounds a year selling the designer items she gets for free. 

“I’m such a lucky person, I must win at least 10 prizes a month,” she exclaims. “Just today I won VIP access to a posh restaurant launch party with a free meal and unlimited booze.”

Gemma still remembers her first ever prize – a one-night stay in a fancy Birmingham hotel. 

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“I felt like a princess being waited on hand and foot while flutes of prosecco were delivered to my bedside,” she recalls. “I remember thinking ‘I could get used to this’.”

Gemma’s first win gave her such a buzz and soon she was entering 20 free competitions a day on Facebook, Instagram and all over the internet. 

The lucky lady – who lives with her parents in their family home – has since won thousands of pounds worth of high street vouchers, bottles of booze, top festival tickets, posh meals and stacks of make-up. 

“Everyday I wake up in a hoarders’ paradise of designer items and enough clothes vouchers to keep my wardrobe topped up for years,” she laughs. 

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“The best prize I ever won was a £5,000 Flannels gift card. I felt like a kid in a candy store, picking out designer items like they were penny sweets. I ended up buying a pair of Balenciaga trainers and a Burberry shirt.” 

Entering competitions has become part of Gemma’s daily routine. Every evening she’ll finish dinner and carve out hours in front of the telly, scrolling through social media on her phone and plugging her details into every giveaway she can find. 

“I don’t think it’s a bad habit at all and I don’t even care what the prize is,” she confesses. “I’ll enter to win things I don’t want because I can sell them on and make more money. 

“I make at least £100 a month by selling prizes like designer aftershaves and sunglasses. It’s such an easy side hustle,” she reveals. 

“I’ve won so many prizes now that each time I enter, I’m confident that I’ll win. I expect to receive a message saying I’ve won something everyday.”

It’s not just vouchers and items dropping on her doorstep, either. She hasn’t paid for a holiday in years and will soon jet off to Copenhagen, all expenses paid, thanks to yet another lucky win.

“It’s like having a fairy godmother who organises where I go every year,” she gushes. 

I expect to receive a message saying I’ve won something everyday

“I haven’t bought make-up for years because I win so much of it, and my shelves are packed full of different designer perfumes. I’m spoilt for choice.” 

Despite the endless freebies, Gemma claims there are downsides to her epic side hustle. 

“I once won 1,000 tea bags and they all arrived at once – I like tea, but where was I supposed to put them?” she exclaims. 

“My biggest bug bear is people not giving me my prize. I’ve had to chase companies and even make legal threats to make them cough up. It’s their own fault – they shouldn’t promote something if they can’t provide it.”

Gemma says she’s so addicted to competitions that she’ll never stop and she even enters them when she’s on holiday.

“People say I should give others a chance at winning but I never take a day off. Who knows what I might miss out on,” she says. 

To give us a head start on our own winning streak, Gemma’s kindly shared a few top tips. 

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“Tag as many people as you can if you’re entering on social media. I have hundreds of ‘competition friends’ I’ve never met and we all tag each other for the best chance of winning. I call them my ‘circle of winners’. 

“My biggest piece of advice for beginners is to never pay for competitions. You’ll never win them. Instead, trawl the internet for small businesses and hunt for free giveaways on social media. It’s so much fun, and you never know what you might win.”

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