I’m a country gym girl – booty band workouts are my kryptonite, men ask me out when I show off my gains | The Sun

THE RESULTS of a gym girl's workouts have left men feeling weak at the knees.

This gym queen's efforts at the bench press have resulted in glutes many can only dream of.

Her body gains were no overnight transformation, however.

Liss' (@limitlissfitness) TikTok is devoted to many hours of pumping iron sessions, punctuated by her choices of gym outfits.

A visit to the gym is more than just physical for her. She said: "Working out every day is my therapy."

A country music fan, she also admitted to liking "twerk-outs," ably assisted by her impressive glutes.

She is justifiably proud of them and used a series of hashtags to highlight their importance to her: glute activation, glute workouts, and grow your glutes.

In a recent post, she posed for the camera, admiring the results of her dedicated gym work, wearing peach-colored leopard print shorts and a sports bra.

Her post was captioned: “Booty band workouts are my kryptonite.”

Kryptonite is famously known as the substance that rendered the comic-book hero Superman weak when he was exposed to it.

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It appeared to have the same effect on some of her male followers.

Comments to her post were breathless in their response.

“You look incredible," spluttered one fan.

“Beautiful," was all another could manage.

While this viewer uttered just one word: "Wow."

Finally, this follower had ambitions and he spelled it out for Liss: “You, me, gym, date."

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