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IF you're considering getting a dog, there are many things you need to consider first – including what breed is best suited to you.

A dog trainer named Jamie took to TikTok and posted a video revealing the three breeds he'd never own and why.

In the clip, he explains that at number one on the list of his dogs to avoid is the Boxer.

"This dog's whole life is a walking meme, so much so I'm not able to take these dogs seriously at all," he says.

"These guys are the class clowns of the dog world.

"I like them from afar, I like them when someone else has got them but I couldn't live with them constantly just being a goof.


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"I don't mind that in small doses but not to live with. Sorry!"

He adds: "They're actually super athletic, really easy to train but a Boxer is kind of like that mate that's always doing those practical jokes and after a while everyone kind of thinks he's a bit of a **** even though everyone loves him."

Next, Jamie reveals that at number two is the Beagle.

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"Great looking dogs, absolutely horrible bark," he explains.

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"And because of what they were bred for they can be very independent and a bit of a challenge to train.

"For those reasons I just find them too much for me, I wouldn't own one myself."

The final breed on Jamie's list of breeds he'd never own is the Shar Pei.

"I'm sorry to the people that love these dogs but they're just not for me as far as owning one," he says.

"They're typically quite hard to train, they don't like strangers or new dogs mainly and they kind of remind me of Grimer and Muk the Pokémon!"

The post has since garnered an impressive 795,000 views – but not everyone is in agreement.

"Imagine not wanting a boxer because they make you laugh," wrote one.

"My Boxer is 12 yrs old and she’s been the best companion."

A second penned: "I had a Boxer he was the best listens good well behaved and yes a clown that made me smile laugh and made me happy every day."

A third agreed: "I had a Boxer and I confirm, goofy doesn’t even cut it. Amazing dog."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Beagle owner here, yes very independent and follow their nose. Super smart and cheeky."

Another added: "Shar Pei are great lol I have two.

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"One loves everyone and the other one isn’t interested in strangers at all.

"Just ignores them unless they bother her!"

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