I'm a glam gran – people on the school run think I'm the mum, they don't believe my age | The Sun

A GLAM gran has told how she's often confused for a mum on the school run.

Cheryl Fields, 47, admits it's the ultimate confidence boost when somebody mistakes her for her daughter when she takes her grandkids to school.

The brunette, from Hamilton, is often chatted up by fellas half her age which she finds very funny.

Cheryl, who has five grandchildren, says: "I’m told all the time I look young and people don’t believe I’m a gran.

"When I do the school run people assume I’m the mum and not the gran.

"Young guys do chat me up but I tell them I’m old enough to be their mum.

"It’s a bigger compliment to me when women tell me I look good and young. "

As for any secrets to eternal youth, Cheryl reckons staying busy is the key.

She adds: "I feel having a lot of stress keeps me on my toes and keeps me young.

"Instead of worrying all the time I just go with the flow.

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"I make sure I have fun with my grandkids all the time.

"I’m the life and soul of any party and they love it.

"My grandson, who is 11, has girl pals that all compliment me and say to him his gran is good looking.

"So it’s amazing that this generation has shifted and it’s females that are lifting up females."

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