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WITH the weather turning colder, we’re all looking for ways to keep our hair healthy. 

Luckily one hairstylist has shared her expert advice – and it seems it all starts in the washing. 

Rachel, known online as @rachelvalentinehair, regularly shares haircare tips with her 37,000 followers. 

In one of her recent videos, the content creator shares where we’re all going wrong when washing our hair – and that includes how long you’re rinsing for. 

“Here are five ways that you can improve how you wash your hair. 

“Number one is always, always do two shampoos. 


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“Number two is to only shampoo your scalp. You don’t need to wash your ends. 

“Number three is to towel dry your hair, or at least ring off the excess water on your hair before applying your conditioner. 

“Number four is to not go on and apply your conditioner straight onto your scalp.; Apply it on the ends and then work your way up. 

“Number five is to rinse longer than you think you need to. This will make sure all the product is out of your hair. 

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“Your hair won’t get greasy quickly, you won’t have a product build up and you’ll be able to go longer in between washes.” 

Fans loved the stylist’s advice, with the video gaining more than 42,000 views. 

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 In the comments, Rachel’s followers thanked her for setting the record straight, with one writing: “I’ve started doing 2 shampoos as you mentioned in another video and OMG … the difference is unreal. Thank you!!” 

Someone else commented: “I’ve started towel drying before conditioning after a previous vid of yours and it’s made such a difference!”

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Another shared their own hack, commenting: “NEVER WRING oh my god squeeze gently never ever wring.” 

@butterlfyblue49 added: “And use a microfibre towel.”

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