I’m a mom in my 50s – people hate when I show off my fit body & tell me to 'dress my age' but I’m proud of it | The Sun

A WOMAN in her 50s has shared some motivational messages after receiving negative comments about her appearance.

The fitness lover clapped back at online critics for her outfit choices, lifestyle, and positive attitude.

Health and wellness advocate Diana Mirgon, also known as @dmirgonfit21 on TikTok, took to the platform to share an empowering message.

The 51-year-old woman loves to share how she lost 150 pounds doing primarily at-home workouts and intuitively eating in moderation.

Thus, it makes sense why she is so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and showcasing her well-earned body.

In a 36-second video, she shares some of the negative feedback she's received and kindly claps back with a motivational note.


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The video is comprised of a series of outfit looks that correspond with actual comments people have said to Mirgon.

The first look she shows her viewers is a string bikini with the phrase "You're 49, your bathing suits show too much!"

That statement is only one in a series that the certified trainer shares in the video, like "You're too old to wear shorts that short!", "Everyone can see your cellulite,"and "You're a mom! You shouldn't wear jeans that tight!"

There was even a comment about how it is "disrespectful" for her to wear tops that show off her well-defined abs.

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The negative remarks weren't just about her outfit choices.

"Cut your hair, it makes you look older than you are!" the mother-of-three shared in a subtitle as she wears a form-fitting dress.

The last outfit the fitness guru wears is a sports bra and exercise shorts, which apparently one troll cited as attention-seeking attire.

Mirgon takes that moment to throw a bold-printed positive affirmation on the visual that reads "WE ARE NOT DEFINED BY WHAT WE WEAR!"

She then urges viewers to "DO YOU! OWN IT! FEEL IT! BE IT!" in another subtitle on screen.

Her powerful anecdote resonated with many people who made their thoughts known in the comment section of the video.

"You look amazing!! Keep wearing whatever you like and keep on being you!!" one viewer wrote online.

"You go girl!!!! You aren’t too old for anything!! BRAVO," another added.

"It’s so frustrating. We have every right to be confident in our beauty at ANY AGE!!! You are awesome. Rock it all day, " one user praised.

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