I’m a mum-of-10 and have a strict Christmas budget, I spend £200 on each of them – it’s tough but I make it work | The Sun

A MUM-of-10 has has revealed how much she spends on her bumper brood for Christmas.

Jane Brosseau, 44, who lives in Camas, Washington, with her husband Bill admitted that it can be a challenge to budget for Christmas, but the family makes it work.

The mum took to Instagram to explain exactly how much she spends for each kid, as well as sharing some tips to not go overboard.

This year, Jane's budget was $250 (£207) per child, although she didn't end up spending that much on her younger kids this year.

"Their wish list items cost less, that money went towards a family gift," she said.

The family also have a strict budget for how much they spend on other people's presents.


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This includes a £165 family gift, £80 for Jane and Bill's presents for each other, £40 for grandparents and a further £80 for their kids' teachers and bus drivers.

"We realise that we are luckier than most.

"Some years we have struggled," she confessed.

But the mum says she has a few savvy ways to cut the costs of buying presents as well.

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She makes the most out of cash back and rewards programmes, as well as buying some presents from Facebook Market place and second hand shops.

"Friends have passed down gently used or new toys for us to re-gift to our kids," she wrote on Instagram.

Jane also go some help from her mum, who sent money to "help with the cost of Christmas" this year.

The mum said she doesn't want to make other families feel bad about how much they spend, she just wants to be honest about how much Christmas costs her family.

Parents flocked to the comments praise the mum for being honest about her budget.

"People are afraid to talk about money, so posts like this are super important," one wrote.

A second said: "This was way more than I anticipated.

"I've always figured it's just one day and usually all the stuff/toys are gone by the wayside weeks later or broken."

And someone else said: "Wow! Lucky kids $250 per child? I only spend £25 on my son."

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