I'm a mum-of-7 – I'm trolled for 'destroying my body' & told to get hobbies apart from sex | The Sun

HAVING lots of kids isn't for everyone, but it is for this couple.

As one of five kids herself, Ariel Tyson, from Bozeman, Montana, and her husband Michael decided early on that they wanted their kids to be raised in a busy household.

The mum loves her big brood, despite what the trolls might say.

Ariel has seven kids with her husband Michael, giving birth to her first son in 2009 and her seventh child, the couple's only daughter this year.

Meaning that Ariel has been pregnant at some point every year since her first child.

The young couple have been together since they were 18 and 19 and were married by the time they were 20 and 21.

They love having a full house, but not everyone is so kind.

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The mum recently revealed some of the comments she gets everyday on her social media.

Some people poked fun at the fact it took seven tries to have a baby girl, while others simply said that she is destroying her body by having so many kids.

However she previously said in a YouTube video: "We have not had six kids just to have a girl.

"I don’t want a girl just for the pretty girls, I would just like that mother-daughter relationship."

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The mum also shared that trolls also blame her for overpopulation, and joke that she doesn't know how kids are made, or that she has no other hobbies.

Other mean spirited viewers comment on the cost of raising seven kids, speculating weather the couple can even afford to raise them all.

Ariel said: "Love sharing our story, but think about what the kids hear."

The mum also hit back at the haters, sharing that she's managed to write two books, earn her masters degree and started three business all while raising her kids and being pregnant.

It's not the first time the former college professor has hit back at trolls.

She previously responded to harsh comments, writing to her 884k Instagram followers: "We all have our own choices. For me, I didn’t give up, I only gained!

"I’ve been grateful to accomplish a lot of dreams I’ve had, but this season of my life is 🙌"

Despite Ariel constantly hitting back at trolls, the comments keep rolling in.

On a recent video one person said: "Omg I'd worry about money so much with that many children!"

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While another said: "Are you trying to make your own country?"

A third commented: "The eighth baby will just fall right out."

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