I'm a nail tech but got someone else to do my mani as a treat – it went horribly wrong and looks like chewing gum pieces | The Sun

A NAIL tech who decided to treat herself and pay someone else for a manicure was left horrified by the result.

Alishba Tahir’s pink talons were done so poorly people compared them to chewing gum and dinosaur nails. 

She took to Tik Tok to share her shock, penning: “Not me thinking it would be relaxing having someone else do them.”

Each nail was a different rectangular shape and the gel was laid on too thick.

Beauty buffs were left questioning how many layers of gel were applied to give the nails such a distorted shape.

What’s more, some nails had specs of lint or dirt trapped in the cured gel and stood out against the soft pink colour. 

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Alishba had acrylic extensions glued on and a pink gel over the top of the faux nail.

Her video of the alarming result has garnered over 500,000 views and 20,000 comments.

An impressive 200 plus people took to the Tik Tok's comments to weigh in on Alishba’s new look – but not everyone was understanding.

Critics questioned how the nail technician – from Vancouver, Canada – was able to not say anything when she saw her nails do poorly.

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One quipped: “You watched them do that ten times?”

Others dubbed her new talons the ultimate “nail fail”.

The most common comparison was to pieces of chewing gum.

One viewer hilariously asked: “Can I have a piece of gum?”

Another said: “It’s giving chewing gum.”

A third penned: “They remind me of chewing gum. Juicy Fruits.”

Frustrated Alishba didn’t respond to any of the comments.

However, some of her viewers saw the bright side of the beauty faux pas. 

One empathised: “Well at least you’re a nail tech so you can fix it yourself.

“I’d get a refund.”

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A fellow nail technician said: “Owned my own nails business for ten years and the struggle is real! 

“So frustrating!”

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