I'm a nail tech & these are some of the worst nails I've seen, they’re green & I don’t understand how they’re so bad

A NAIL technician shared a video of her client’s severely damaged nails – they’ve turned green, they’re lifting off, and she’s had to cut one of them right back to the cuticle.

Candy Rain Salon, based in Plymouth, shared the video, which showed the effects of repeatedly getting acrylic applied over damaged nails.

Nail tech Megan explained that the client had had her nails done by a different salon, and she described the process of uncovering the client’s nail issues.

For starters, she said, the acrylic nails are the complete wrong shape for the client.

She said: “As you can see, they’re not the right shape for her nails and they’re really curving under with her natural nail growth, as they haven’t been counteracting the curve.”

Megan began to realise things were really wrong, however, when she started working on the client’s thumb nail. 

“This is her thumb, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with this one at the minute but it’s really lifted and looks quite yellow, so it’s quite concerning”, she said.

Megan said the salon that originally did the nails was not taking the appropriate measures for the client’s nail health.

She explained: “They’ve just been reapplying acrylic to this nail over and over again and basically not giving her the right treatment or care advice.”

After removing the acrylic completely, Megan could see just how much damage had been done.

She said: “You can see it’s completely lifted and that it’s gone green where the water has been trapped underneath and she’s not been able to dry it properly.”

Another one of the client’s nails had been bruised due to the incorrect shape of the acrylic.

Megan said: “The shape of the nail has basically caused trauma to her nail bed.”

The nail tech opted to use a gel polish instead of reapplying acrylics – and she couldn’t apply any product at all to the damaged thumb nail. 

She said: “I’ve cut the thumb right back. It is actually looking quite healthy and I’m hoping this will grow out over time but she can’t have any products on it.”

The video has racked up 561,000 likes and commenters couldn’t believe the damage that had been done to the client’s nails.

“I can’t believe there’s still ‘nail techs’ out there ruining people’s nails”, wrote one, while a second said: “Thank God she came to you for help.”

“Nice job fixing that, that looks painful. Poor lady trusted the previous therapist to look after her”, said another sympathetic viewer.

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