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A NANNY has taken to TikTok to share her ten top tips for parents trying to nail potty training. 

Laura, known online as @nannyamies, has been helping potty train children for two decades, and regularly shares parenting tips online. 

In a new video, she shared some advice for parents trying to move their child away from nappies – and explained that having a fun basket by the potty is key. 

“If you think your child is getting ready for potty training, there are ten things that you need to do.

“This also counts for if you’ve started potty training and you hit a little bit of a bump in the road.”

She goes on to explain some of the ways she makes the process easier for both parents and kids. 


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Her first tip is to follow her account to keep up to date with her latest tips. 

For number two, she adds: “You’re going to need a basket. There are very specific items that I personally put into a basket. 

“This is basically going to become your potty training basket.”

She is seen adding various children’s books on potty training, wet wipes and a range of handheld toys, including a sensory fidget toy and a pinball game. 

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She continues: “Then place the basket near the potty, and it’s going to become a novelty that is only to be explored when they are sat on the potty. 

“Next up, make sure you’ve researched potty training methods. 

“Yep, there are different ways that you can potty train….make a plan. 

“My next tip is something that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with potty training, because potty training can be stressful and quite daunting. 

“But make it fun! 

“Your child is more likely to get on board with this journey if they’re having fun.” 

She also recommends checking out her potty training guide and her webinar on the subject too. 

Laura adds: “Here’s an important one. 

“Make sure your child is ready. Not only physically, but emotionally too. 

“Nine times out of ten, if there is any push back towards potty training, it’s because they’re not emotionally ready.”

Her next piece of advice: “It is essential to prep them. 

“So we’ve looked for the signs of readiness and we’re hoping that they’re emotionally ready, but have we prepped them?

“Do they have a clue what it is we expect of them? 

“Those books that I showed you at the beginning? Fabulous. 

Tip number eight: “Trust me when I say people are going to say to you, ‘you can’t put them back in nappies, no no no no, if you started, don’t put them back in nappies’. 

“Now I offer parents one free pass, just one. 

“If you potty training journey is hellish and your child is making no progress whatsoever, it is okay for you to pop back into nappies one time. 

“And then you better make sure you’ve done all these tips before you try again. 

“Just so they don’t think they can flip flop, flip flop, flip flop out of nappies into pants etc. 

“Which leads me to my next tip, is to have faith. 

“They will get it. They will get there. 

“Consistency will be your best friend. 

Laura’s final tip is less about the child and more about the parents. 

“And finally, make sure that you are ready. You are at the helm of this ship, you’ve got this.” 

Fans loved her tips, with the video gaining more than 1,300 likes and 37,400 views. 

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In the comments, parents shared their reactions, with one writing: “Thank you so much for this! I'm really struggling with my little one. Just turned 3 and he really struggled with change and is not interested.”

Another said: “We're about to start our PT journey, I'm armed with all the Nanny Amies knowledge and ready to go.”

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