I’m a pet technician & know the most likely reason your dog breed needs the vet – including the one which is always fat | The Sun

NO ONE likes thinking about their pet being ill, but it can be helpful to know what each breed is prone to developing so you can look out for the signs.

A pet technician has revealed the most likely reasons your dog breed will need the vet – including which one often gets fat.

TikTok account @wethetechs revealed the dogs they see all the time, but added: “We love these beautiful babies, problems and all.”

First up was the popular labrador, and they claim “obesity” is why this breed is often taken to the vet, so you may wish to monitor how many treats you regularly give them.

Next up was King Charles Cavaliers, and it was claimed Congestive heart failure (CHF) can be common. 

This is when their heart is unable to pump adequate blood around the body.

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Pitbulls were next, and they can be prone to suffer from allergies. 

Handicapped Pets explained: “As a breed, pit bulls are more affected by pollen, grass, ticks, or flies than other dogs.

“Pitbull allergy problems tend to be skin allergies that can cause dry and itchy patches of skin, hot spots, and hair loss.”

Sadly for droopy-ears Bassethounds, ear infections can be common, while Yorkies can suffer from collapsed tracheas (windpipes).

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Despite their large size, German Shepherds can suffer from anxiety, and this can be a fear of being separated from their owners or of things like loud noises.

It can manifest by the breed pacing, biting, being destructive or drooling.

Last on the list was the Labradoodle, which can often get foreign bodies stuck inside them.

The video has racked up over 200,000 likes, and pet owners were quick to take to the comments. 

One said: “I’m definitely the emotional support animal in my relationship with my German Shepherd.”

Another added: “ugh allergies and pitties, their one downfall.”

And a third commented: “Why is this so accurate.”

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