I'm a Poundland superfan – it’s my second home & I spend £500 there in a WEEK

A SELF-CONFESSED Poundland superfan has revealed that she spent £500 there in a week – the most staff had EVER seen.

Liyana Leena, 32, from Birmingham, admits that she has always enjoyed a trip to the budget shop but in recent years she’s noticed herself itching to go more and more.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous the vlogger, who shares her hauls on her YouTube channel Liyana Lifestyle, says: “I've always enjoyed going to Poundland but more so the last few years. 

“Growing up I'd always go there for confectionery and enjoyed picking out treats for school. 

“Fast forward years later, my shopping habits have changed and I am now guilty of liking much more than their crisps and chocolates.

“What I loved most about Poundland was that everything was a pound. It was easy knowing how much everything cost and what to expect. 


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“This has of course changed lately, so I have to be a bit more wary but I definitely still enjoy shopping there. 

“I love their seasonal ranges and I'm always excited to see and buy items from their spring, winter collection for example.”

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In fact last Christmas saw Liyana buy one of every item from Poundland’s seasonal range, leaving her with a bill totalling £491.60.

Liyana says: “It was such an experience. 

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“I wanted to do something a bit different for my YouTube channel, all while donating the revenue of the video to charity. 

“It isn't a regular thing or else I'd be bankrupt, but we donate to charity too – so it's all a good cause.”

Liyana, who avoids luxury purchases and holidays in order to fund her habit, now admits to visiting the store once a week, but thankfully keeps her purchases under the £500 mark.

“I feel a bit embarrassed saying this but I visit every week,” she admits.


Look out for a sale

I always wait after Christmas. Poundland always has a sale – sometimes items are 25p or 50p, so I bag lots of gifts and save them until it's someone's birthday or for any other occasion! 

What you should buy

I always buy my confectionery from there, as well as any essentials. They have a really good health and beauty range. I have to say the pep&co clothing holds up pretty well and their footwear is always comfy! 

If you're crafty or into DIY the hot glue gun and glue sticks are so well priced and I've used mine for years, so they last well, too! 

And what you should avoid

I've had a few things I cross off my list or try to remind myself not to buy again.

I used to get the batteries and have to say they're such good value – you get a lot for £2! I just don't find they last very well so I've stopped buying those. 

I bought a £3 paddling pool which was TINY (currently in the summer range) and didn't even blow up in a circle.

I also don't recommend certain balloons like the heart valentines ones – they don't come out as hearts!

Be careful with anything that lights up – I have found they're very weak in terms of wiring and don't always turn on or turn off!

“Typically I’ll spend around £25 most days but I do go over that during holiday seasons.”

But what does Liyana do with her weekly splurges?

“I have a DIY channel where I make things from Poundland products- duping high end things for less,” she says. 

I feel a bit embarrassed saying this but I visit every week

“I have some things around the house, other times I gift them to friends and family.”

Despite her regular visits, Liyana is reluctant to describe herself as an ‘addict.’

“I do frequent Poundland a lot but I don't know if I'd refer to myself as an addict,” Liyana says.

“Maybe I just don't like that word or I'm in denial – I do admit it's like my second home and I'm definitely not the average shopper!

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“The staff know me quite well at this point.

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