I'm a professional head lice remover – one girl had lice for five YEARS, her head was teaming with bugs

A HEAD LOUSE expert shared a video of a client who had lice for five years – and people can’t believe just how bad the infestation is.

The professional head lice remover, who goes by the username theliceangels, shared a video of delousing a client whose head was teaming with bugs.

She showed the hair before she had treated it, where the eggs were clearly visible on the girl’s entire head.

She pointed out just how deeply ingrained the eggs were.

She said: “These eggs are really impacted.

“This transformation is going to be really, really good.”

The head louse expert explained that, in this case, one session would not be enough.

She said: “We have a ways to go, she’s gonna need a few treatments with us but as you can see, it’s coming out really good.

“This is a process, especially with high levels of infestation, but as you can see, it’s getting clearer and clearer.”

After the treatment was over, the expert said her client felt “amazing”.

The video has now amassed 2.8 million views and some commenters just couldn’t believe the levels of infestation. 

“How?! HOW does it get THIS bad?”, one asked.

Another said: “Just shave it all off. It will grow back. How the hell did it get this bad?”

Others felt sympathy for the client.

“She’s gonna feel sooooo good after her treatment is done!! Poor girl,” wrote one, and another agreed: “5 years! That’s neglect imagine how it must feel, never ending itching, poor girl.”

Dozens of others expressed that they felt unclean just watching the video.

“My scalp feels itchy”, one said, while a second added: “Instantly itchy.”

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