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A MUM has revealed that she’s splashing out £6,500 on her five children this Christmas and is even working two jobs in order to afford their extravagant gifts.

Single mum, Le Anne Carrol, 35, from Manchester is treating her kids to a range of designer gifts including Moschino jeans, Air Jordans and even Gucci bags for her three boys Pierre, 13, Harry, 12 and  Tyler, four and two girls aged Leigh, ten and May, nine

But it is not only the presents that receive the designer treatment with Le Anne splashing no less than £2,500 on top designer Christmas trees and high end decorations, spending over 100 hours putting them up.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Le Anne says: “I’ve spent £6.2k on pressies and more than £2.5k decorating my four-bed house with three designer Christmas trees, and a combination of a red, green and white scheme in one room and rose, gold and white colour scheme in another part of the house.

“It screams ‘glamour’ and I love it. 

“My £500 tree festooned with elves, red and white Lollipops, glistening baubles and ribbons is one of the centrepieces. 


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“I have a second one which is just as spectacular, it could easily be mistaken for one found at Buckingham Palace.”

The event planner and party decorator is self-taught when it comes to decorating, spending hundreds of hours making the stunning wreaths and garlands after quotation YouTube videos.

“I don't care what they cost or what people think,” Le Ann says. 

“The decorations are lavish because that’s the way my kids like them, trolls can say what they like I’m not changing them for anyone!”

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I’d rather freeze and not turn on the heating than change my Christmas traditions."

Le Anne admits she is constantly trolled for her big spending, gift giving and decorating, with critics accusing her of showing off and overspending in the cost of living crisis.

“I’m sick of people making judgement calls,” Le Anne says. 

“I used to worry about what people think. People jump to awful conclusions because I have five beautiful children and am a single parent. Now I don't care what people think.

“People tell me I have no right to give lavish presents or decorate my home so opulently. It’s ridiculous. I work hard and my kids are my world. People are just jealous and mean.”

“There may be a cost-of-living crisis, but I will not have my family miss out.

“I’d rather freeze and not turn on the heating than change my Christmas traditions.”

Le Anne says that she spends her whole year saving for the festivities and has no qualms over splashing her hard earned cash.

“I save from Boxing Day, and I search the web for bargains to ensure my kids designer gift list is under the tree each year,” she says.

“If my daughters want Gucci handbags that’s what they’ll get after all it’s my money and I will do what I like.”

The mum, who is separated from her children’s dad, says her kids tell her what designer items they want throughout the year, and nothing is too good for them.

Le Anne has five separate spreadsheets for each of the children's wish lists with her Christmas shopping starting on Boxing Day the year before.

“I spend £1,500 on each child and am meticulous about ensuring fairness,” the mum explains.

“I have bought the two older boys PlayStation 5s and virtual reality Oculus headsets, as well as Moschino jeans, Air Vapour Max trainers, Nike Tracksuits and Calvin Klein and DKNY boxers.

“My daughters can already tell a fake designer handbag from a real one and that’s a skill. They are just like their mum and have great taste.

“The girls will be getting Gucci handbags, Michael Kors heels, Apple Airpods, ring-lights for selfies and TikTok videos and mobile phones.

Le Anne’s youngest son, four, doesn’t miss out either. 

The tot will be treated to Moschino jeans the same design as his brothers, North Face Tracksuits, Nike trainers, and brand-new designer toys.

“They do grow out of their designer clothes quickly, but I re-sell them on Depop, VInted or eBay,” Le Anne argues.

“The handbags and designer heels for my daughters are investment pieces and they actually increase in value.”

But buying so many presents for her kids means that the family is battling for space when it comes to December 25.

“On Christmas day you won’t be able to see the floor because of all the presents,” Le Anne says. 

“It literally becomes a sea of gifts, and they spend five hours opening them before we have time to sit down to breakfast.”

While Le Anne loves indulging her kids now, she admits she wasn't always an over-the-top designer gift buying mum.

“After I separated from the kids' dad in 2014, I made the decision to focus solely on my children,” she explains.

“Whatever they wanted I was prepared to buy them and if that meant working 80 hours a week that's what I did.” 

While her kids are thrilled with their enormous gift piles, friends and family are often taken aback by her designer gift giving.

“They tell me I am spoiling the kids,” Le Anne says. 

“My kids come first at Christmas and that’s it. I also don't want them teased at school for not having up to date designer computer gear, phones or clothes. 

“I am showing the world single mums can be successful and I won't be criticised by hate filled vile trolls.

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“There may be a cost-of-living crisis, but I work upwards of eighty hours a week to provide for my kids – I graft so I can give.”

“I love Christmas, if I’m trolled, so what? They’re just Grinches. I’m happy and more importantly so are my kids.”

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