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A FASHION STYLIST has taken to TikTok to share the one accessory everyone should ditch from their wardrobe after claiming they can make you look 'stumpy'.

Caitlin, known online as @caitlin_jaymes, regularly shares fashion and organising tips with her 54,000 followers. 

In a new video, she recommends her followers ditch their statement and choker necklaces, after claiming they also cheapen every outfit they’re worn with. 

She said: “Items in your closet I would edit out as a stylist and a closet organiser. 

“I thought these necklaces, these statement necklaces, were a no-brainer to get rid of, but you’d be really surprised how many people still have these in their closet. 

“I just think it cheapens your entire outfit. 


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“Even more so, these chokers that just cut off your neck. 

“Especially if you’re someone who’s short, it will make you look even shorter and just super stumpy.” 

Caitlin’s advice attracted plenty of attention online, with the video gaining more than 3,800 likes and 240,000 views. 

In the comments, some shared their views, with one writing: “I always hated the statement necklace. Totally agree they cheapen the look.”

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Someone else put: “They had their time but I wouldn't be caught dead now.”

Although not all agreed, with one writing: “I cannot get rid of those necklaces coz I think they may make a comeback – don’t wear them at all now!!”

The content creator replied: “Statement necklaces have made their way back but totally different style.”

Another wrote: “You can pry my statement necklaces from my old dead hands. I get compliments all the time on them too.”

A third added: “POV: it also depends on where you live or vacation: e.g in Vancouver or NYC dainty is classy/Palm Springs or cruising bring on the bling! etc.”

She’s not the only one sharing styling advice online – Mollie took to TikTok to share her ‘2 x 2 rule’ which helps her achieve the perfect smart-casual look every time.

She said: “This is the two-by-two outfit formula I think everyone should try. 

“Two items that are smart, my blazer and these wide-leg trousers. 

“Two items that are casual, this t-shirt and these converse. 

“And together, it just works. It’s like the ultimate smart, casual, cool, two-by-two formula. 

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“Use it. It’s good.” 

Fans loved the quick and easy hack, with the video gaining more than 470 likes and 9,000 views.

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