I’m a super fit mum-of-seven & pushing 50 – people can never tell me apart from my daughters, can you?

TUNING into this TikTok channel, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were looking at three sisters doing dance challenges.

But Jessica Enslow is actually a super fit mum-of-seven, who poses with her adult daughters two decades younger.

Aged 46, and sometimes "told to stop making TikToks because I'm pushing 50", she features her eldest Alyssa, 26, and her fourth child Lauren Kate, 18.

But defending her in the comments, people insisted she is "absolutely no no no way even close to 50!" and "looking 10 years younger – damn!"

Others said she "looks maybe 30", "I guess some of us just age gracefully" and "get out that you are older than me!!! You look amazing".

Jessica previously showed off her astonishing four-month weight loss transformation, which left her with an 8-pack in 2017, despite being a mum-of-seven.

She also dances around in matching bikinis with her daughters.

In other videos, she reveals how she was born in 1974, while her daughters were born in 1994 and 2002.

Gobsmacked viewers have commented: "Looks like three sisters!", "Mom is smokin" and "All so beautiful!"

Others have asked: "are you sure 46 years? but how do you look so young?" and "how you can look so perfect and gorgeous with 7 kids is amazing!"

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